Tiny Universes in a nutshell

This page is more or less a collection of my creative works. It is just that, a collection, and most of this stuff is probably published elsewhere. So why the page? As I'm on my journey to become a game designer, I figured it'd be neat to have one place where I can point people to if they want to see my previous works. That makes Tiny Universes, more or less, a portfolio. Oh and with a blog actually which is what the articles section is about - more or less.

PS. if you figure out where the page title is stolen from, I'll give you a cookie as a reward for knowing good music.


Some thoughts to share, annoyed by my writings, interested in working with me on some project? Drop me email. How? Take the page address (enk.kapsi.fi) and replace first dot with @.

Latest updates

02.01.2011 - New article
22.11.2010 - Two reviews in a month, wow!
13.11.2010 - Oh look, it's another review
17.10.2010 - One more review
04.10.2010 - New article
12.07.2010 - And another
02.05.2010 - Another game review added
06.04.2010 - Two game reviews added in Articles
01.10.2009 - Descent Mod rules and design diary part 1 in Game Design
30.09.2009 - Three new reviews in Articles
28.06.2009 - New game review in Articles